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Dr. Woolf In The News

Transcription of the Video

Note the transcription is automatically generated, please watch the video for the most accurate information. 
When was the last time you got your eyes checked well your eyes are very important they always say it's the window to your soul but sometimes that window doesn't see very well so we're talking about our eye health and getting healthy for the new year we got Dr. Paul Woolf here nice to have you. He has got his own Center it's a Woolf Eye Care Center and it's on Higley Road in Gilbert we want people to come out and see you because this is the time of year, got to use that insurance right, before it goes out. Let's talk about our eyes because a lot of people never even go to an eye doctor they just sort of funnel along figure you know oh it's just age or time but it isn't important to go see an eye doctor. And how often should we get our eyes checked?  Well, that's good to know let me just talk about that, I recommend every year. Every year? yes!

Let's talk about as we age, what we have is we got 13 million Americans with macular degeneration which is the leading cause of loss of vision in Americans and people over 65, we also have 10 million Americans with some form of vision loss or legally blind and those are estimated to double the next 30 years.

Double! Is it because of the lifestyle we're leading? Well we're living longer, older baby boomers are living longer and we're taking better care of ourselves but because of that we have health problems we have eye problems - eye problems and it's a big deal when your eyes start to go, you know and you just can't pick up any pair of glasses you really do need to have them checked. But there are some factors that play into it so let's talk about eating because you say eating right for your sight makes the difference, and I know you brought the salmon here so let's talk about it.

First, we live in Arizona always the sunlight contributes to macular degeneration and cataracts. Smoking can contribute to those as well.

Wow, New Year's resolution quit smoking, right?

Oh, that's the hardest thing for people to do though who smoke!

I understand but if you want your eyes to be a better you might have to make that New Year's resolution.Then eating properly, so fish oils that have omega-3 fatty acids and dark leafy vegetables like colored greens. Love it! And spinach, we have the antioxidants and the different nutrients to keep the retina healthy. If you don't know what to do or you don't like this or that food, talk to your eye doctor maybe there are some vitamins and you can have those supplements, eye vitamins instead.  I've never heard of that that's a good thing to know that.

You know technology has taken over the world and we are connected to our devices whether it's in our hand or we are sitting in front of the computer, but it's hard to get away from that and that's taken a toll on our vision.

How many hours a day are you at the computer? What we have is we have a lot of people with computer vision syndrome. We have decreased productivity, increased fatigue, and errors.So what I recommend is every 20 minutes take a break 20 20 20, or 20 minutes take a 20-second timeout and look  20 feet away. Get up maybe walk around, look at the mountains and just relax your eyes. Because we're locked in like this we only look up in our eyes don't relax, we need a reset our vision. If that doesn't work you still get something, talk to your eye doctor about some glasses for the computer. Glasses for the computer... relax your eyes for the computer and we can actually put some blue blocking lens in there that protect the eye from the blue light. So there are variations of the eyewear that you could be prescribed, you don't have to just have something because you're near-sighted or farsighted if you're in front of the computer you can give a different type of glasses that  you would put on just for work, and then if you're driving and your visions not that great you can have a different eyewear for that as well. Right so so think of it as safety glasses for the computer! Now, what happens if you go to the eye doctor and every year your vision changes, what happens to your kids what do they do they look like this and all of a sudden now we get an epidemic of kids being myopic. Yeah because they're on the computers these devices are born with them in their hands! So don't have them like this hold them out here like this and if they can't see it out here accurately, let their eye doctor look at them. Yes, get that checkup every year!

Who knew? I thought it was just, you know when you started feeling like your eyes weren't working all that great that you needed an eye exam. You could have more problems than you ever knew you had.

Well if you look at the back there what happens if we go to the doctor and you have an eye disease and they say that glasses don't work any more macular degeneration, glaucoma, they can't read your newspaper anymore you can't see your grandkids faces. That's pretty depressing. So we have some special glasses if you have that, talk to your doctor about maybe a low vision referral to a low vision doctor and we have special glasses that help you a read, kind of like the bottom ones there that are for like a surgeon would use, then for TV and we have them for even driving.You have everything! I'm telling you this is doctor Paul Woolf if you need your glasses go get it from him he will take care of you.

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