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Sun Lakes Resident Thanks Dr. Woolf

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Sun Lakes retiree thanks Dr. Woolf for helping him drive again

John is a recent retiree in Sun Lakes, who has been struggling with vision loss due to his high myopia for almost 60 years.

Recently his vision began to get worse, prompting John to go online and look for a specialist eye doctor who deals with people who have lost much of their vision. John found Dr. Woolf, and Dr. Woolf started the conversation by asking John what activity he would like to perform again. John mentioned to Dr. Woolf that his dream was to be able to drive again. John was fitted with a pair of Bioptic telescopes for low vision, and after renewing his license is back on the road again. In order to say thanks and share his experiences in the hopes that he will help others, John took the initiative to write about his experiences in a local community newspaper.

You can read Johns article here.

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