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For Comprehensive Eye Exams In Gilbert Arizona: Choose Woolf Eye Care Center

There is nothing as precious as our eye sight, and choosing an Optometrist for your eye exam is not an insignificant matter.

What should you look for when deciding where to get your next annual eye exam?

Not every eye exam is the same and not every eye doctor has the tools and skills to give a comprehensive eye exam that not only updates your prescription for glasses or contacts, but also addresses the long term health of your eye sight.

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A Friendly And Caring Optometrist

Your eye doctor should take the time explain everything and listen to your concerns. Dr. Woolf is known for his warm demeanor and taking the time with each patient to make sure they fully understand everything during your eye exam. Dr Woolf takes the time with the patient to discuss the topic relevant to their stage in life as well as explaining to the patient the benefits of different products such as daily contacts, contacts for presbyopia and more.


Our Commitment To Technology

Having the latest technology means that we are able to provide some of the most advanced eye care and comprehensive eye exams in Gilbert AZ. We have the Optos Digital Retinal Imaging, a Corneal Topographer and are certified with Paragon CRT. Furthermore our practice has the latest low vision diagnostic and treatment options available. So whether you are a young family visiting for your annual eye exam or a retiree who is experiencing difficulties seeing well, know that you will receive the highest standard of care.

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An Eye Exam Or Medical Eye Care

Your yearly eye exam is also an opportunity to assess the overall health of your eyes. Our Optometrist Dr. Woolf uses the opportunity of the eye exam to discuss with each patient the lifestyle choices that will effect their vision. During the eye exam you are sure to discuss topics such as; screen time and the dangers of blue light, UV and Blue light protection, diabetes, and vision and reading. The eyes are truly remarkable as they tell an experienced eye doctor so much about our overall health such as blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

What To Look For In Your Optometrist

  • Does your eye doctor have experience with children?
    • Myopia Control is the number one preventative eye care for children, if your child is nearsighted/shortsighted make sure they are having their eye exams at a practice with this specialty.
    • Make sure that the Optical have a selection of kids glasses in your price range?
  • Does your eye doctor invest in the latest technology?
    • The latest technology enables your doctor to see more and asses your eye health in ways that were never before possible. Some technology will allow your doctor to treat conditions such as dry eyes and myopia more effectively.
  • Can your eye doctor fit complex hard to fit contact lenses?
    • Not every doctor has experience with complex cases of contact lenses. If you wear contacts or would like to wear contacts but have had difficulty in the past, make sure your optometrist specializes in hard to fit contact lenses.
  • Is your eye doctor credentialed?
    • An optometrist with years of experience, awards, memberships to specialist organizations and externships/residency will have the skills to more effectively provide treatment for your eyes.

Dr. Woolf A Leading Expert

Low vision glasses for our new patient

Dr Paul Woolf has a long career providing vision care for thousands of patients young and old. He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognition’s including the Mattingly International Low Vision Award for Achievement in Low Vision and being listed in the Guide to America’s Top Optometrists four times.

If you are an Optometrist, the chances are that you used Dr. Woolfs book “Clinical Abbreviations for Optometry” which is used in most optometry schools nationwide.

While Dr. Woolf has had lots of success, the thing he is most proud of is his commitment to providing the most up to date and caring eye care available. He loves knowing that he is helping his patients both young and old by preventing vision loss and enabling those with vision loss to have a more productive life.


Contact Lens Exams?

One of the most rapidly growing segments of eye care is contact lens use. Our optometrist has decades of experience with contact lenses from contact lenses for dry eyes, presbyopia, myopia control, astigmatism and much more.

Contact Lenses


An eye exam is complimented by having a large selection of frames, lenses, and lens coatings. Our Optical has an incredible selection at different price points to meet your budget. We stock products that meet our strict requirements for quality.

Our Optical


To keep eye exams affordable we work with a long list of insurances both medical and vision insurance. Our talented staff will help you understand exactly what your contribution will be for medical procedures as well as optical purchases.

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