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The 3 Vitamins I Recommend the Most:


MaxiVision Ocular Formula AREDS2

Using the latest research this supplement provides all the nutrients and minerals from the authoritative AREDS2 study which was done by the national eye institute. These supplements also include nutrients based on some groundbreaking research, that are rarely found in other "AREDS2" formulas.


Eye Promise Restore

A unique vitamin supplement for your eye, this supplement mimics the natural ratio of cartenoids found in the macula. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients this supplement offers the highest level of dietary zexanthin available.


Tozal: Complete Eye Health Formula

Tozal is the only supplement that is not based on the AREDS study to have completed clinical studies and passed peer review. Patients in the study taking Tozal increased their vision by .5 lines, while those in the control group lost an average of 1.5 lines.

Why Should I consider Eye Vitamins?

There are a couple of Vitamins I like. Most over the counter AREDS2 vitamins are about 3 years behind the research.

The reason we want to take eye vitamins:

      • The general population has about a 12% chance of getting Macular Degeneration.
        • This can be higher for people who smoke or were raised around 2nd hand smoke.
        • This can be higher for people that were in the sun a lot going up.
      • If we a have 1st generation family member that has Macular Degeneration (a parent or sibling), this risk factor jumps from 12% to 50%.
      • If a person does not smoke, always wears sun glasses and takes a prescription strength eye vitamin, this risk factor can drop from 50% to 15%.



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