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What are low vision Bioptic Telescopes?


For Arizonans over the age of 60, vision loss is a very real and very scary possibility. Millions of Americans suffer from vision loss due to Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Diabetes, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stroke and other diseases. If you are reading this page, the chances are that you know someone who is experiencing extreme upheaval and stress due to vision loss.

With most eye diseases that cause low vision, there is not a total loss of vision, rather the patient usually loses a certain element of their vision such as central or peripheral vision. This means that while medically there may be very little to do to reverse or slow down vision loss, from a practical perspective a low vision optometrist can help that patient use their remaining vision to the fullest.

One of the important elements of a low vision eye exam is the assessment of what types of activities the patient would like to be able to do again. Since most low vision aids are designed to improve a certain aspect of vision, the patient will let the doctor know what activities they hope to be able to do again. Once the "wish-list" is completed, our low vision optometrist will show the patient the different options that will help them achieve their vision goals.

One of the most common activities that patients with vision loss ask about is driving. In many cases, older patients have been driving for over 50 years, and the sudden loss of mobility and independence creates a feeling of despair and makes them feel like a burden to their children or spouse. Dr. Woolf fits special bioptic telescope glasses for patients with low vision. These custom telescopes are placed at the top of the patient's regular glasses, so when they need more magnification all they need is to tilt their head and look through the telescope. However, when they do not require magnification they look normally through their pair of glasses. Driving with bioptic telescopes is legal in most states as long as you meet the criteria set forward by the department of motor vehicles.

Dr. Woolf sees patients from all over Arizona including Pheonix, Mesa, Gilbert, Sun City, Prescott, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler and Lake Havascue for low vision care and to help them drive again using bioptic telescope glasses.

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