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Low Vision Services in Phoenix, AZ

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Visit Our Low Vision Doctor to Maximize Your Sight

If you suffer from reduced vision, many regular parts of daily life can be challenging and frustrating. Low vision is not the same as blindness because some functioning sight remains. However, activities such as reading, driving, using a computer, watching TV, and cooking can become very difficult. Our Low Vision optometrist, Dr. Paul Woolf, has been serving Phoenix patients with Low Vision Services since 1992. To help as many people as possible, Dr. Woolf also sees low vision patients in Gilbert, Sun City, Prescott and Kingman, AZ.

To make the most of your remaining eyesight and enhance your independence, contact our Phoenix eye care center to book a low vision exam.

Low Vision Consultation Phoenix

Low vision can result from a number of causes, many of which are age-related. The most common eye diseases that lead to low vision are:

  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

Our low vision doctor will evaluate your eyes with a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose and monitor any ocular health problems. No matter what the cause of your low vision, we will work to help improve the quality of your sight. We advocate and practice proactive eye care for all eye diseases and vision disorders. Based on the results of your consultation, our eye care specialists will match you with the most appropriate low vision devices and personalized strategies.

Low Vision Aids

A variety of options, such as telescopes for seeing distance and telemicroscopic eyeglasses for up-close vision, are available to assist people with impaired vision. We will recommend low vision aids to improve your quality of life. Our experts will also fit you with them so they feel comfortable and train you on the most effective ways to use your low vision devices for optimal visual clarity.

Our Phoenix Low Vision Optometrist offers:

  • Magnifiers (handheld, stand-alone, and wearable) to assist with a range of daily tasks
  • Specialized Glasses – Readers, Prisms, Telescopes, and more; there is a range of low vision glasses targeted for specific activities, such as driving, seeing faces, viewing a computer, or just walking safely
  • Computer Software:  we’ll acquaint you with the latest technologies to help you use a computer for the work you want to do, as well as stay connected with your friends and family

Tips on How to Live Well with Low Vision

Our Low Vision optometrist recommends a number of practical tips to help you cope and live safely with reduced eyesight:

  1. Magnifying tools: choose from stand-alone and hand-held magnifiers; there are also types of magnifiers that can be mounted easily on eyeglasses
  2. Large-print books: enlarged fonts can enable you to read; digital readers may also be a great option, because you can enlarge the font as necessary
  3. Lens tints: specially tinted lenses may be helpful for vision conditions that cause hypersensitivity to light, such as cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa
  4. Audio books: digital recordings can be the perfect alternative to printed text
  5. High-contrast stripes: place a contrasting line on the edge of stairs in order to prevent falls and accidents. (Use black stripes on light steps, and light stripes on dark colors.)
  6. Lighting: new lighting can be a life-changer. Try various types of lights and powers to determine what’s best for your personal vision

If you or a loved one has Low Vision, contact our Phoenix Low Vision doctor for assistance. Dr. Woolf is knowledgeable and experienced in helping low vision patients regain independence, as well as the newest medical approaches to manage eye diseases in order to prevent further vision loss.

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