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Low Vision Testimonials

Low Vision patient can read again with the help of bioptic telescope glasses.

E.D. is a 79 y/o that want to maintain her independence and maintain her drivers license. With a Bioptic Telescope, she meets the AZ DMV vision requirements. We also fit her with a Full Diameter Telescope with a reading cap for television and reading.

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Jerry Breivold 1

Diameter Telescope and reading cap

JB has wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and his vision is getting worse. He no longer drives, or has a desire to.
However, he would like to see Faces and TV better. And would like to read again. He was only able to see headlines in a newspaper, with a bright light.

With a Full Diameter Telescope and reading cap, we were able to achieve his goals. He is now able to read newspaper print, with a bright light.

Dr. Woolf is a leading low vision optometrist serving Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix and the whole state of Arizona. A low vision optometrist helps patients with vision loss to maximize their ability to read, drive and regain their independence.

Paulette Larson 2 (Mesa) 5 30 18

PJ of Mesa, AZ uses Bioptic Telescopes For Driving And Full Diameter Telescopes For Television

Even though she can see well enough to legally maintain a daytime drivers license, she didn’t feel confident.

With a bioptic telescope, she feels much more confident while driving and she feels more comfortable going into a grocery store because she can now tell which aisle she needs to go down.

Paulette Larson 1 (Mesa) 5 30 18With a full diameter telescope and reading cap, her ability to see television and faces is greatly improved. And she is able to read more again.

She is able to keep her independence and her quality of life is improved.

Handwritten note from a patientA Thankful Spouse.

Dr. Paul,

Many thanks, you truly are most gifted and the BEST and we greatly appreciate all you are in helping my husband (60 years of marriage) with his sight.

God Bless

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Gilbert Arizona and Prescott AZ low vision patients

R.G. loves her new bioptic telescopes for driving

“They give me more confidence when driving”.

R.G. of Prescott Valley, Arizona

For A Free Low Vision Phone Consultation:

For A Free Phone Consultation Call 877-705-4578

Our Low Vision Patient from Prescott Valley Arizona

R.G. of Prescott Valley loves the freedom to read and drive again

“I am able to read small newspaper print again, watch television, and maintain my drivers license”!

R.G. of Prescott Valley, Arizona

macular degeneration glasses for driving

E.H. With New Bioptics.

EH has been using bioptics for 7 years. But was getting frustrated as her vision got worse because the old bioptics were set up over only one eye. And the bar across the top got in her way. She states that these new bioptics are so much better. She is going to use then for mobility and as a passenger in the car..

For A Free Low Vision Phone Consultation:

For A Free Phone Consultation Call 877-705-4578


AMS With New Telescopes.

AMS from Prescott Valley is excited about her new Telescopes.

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